Saturday, May 23, 2009

Necklace mania

I have new tools's amazing to drill and buff with the dremel tool!!It is worth every penny:D. No more distortions, no more finger prints and the buffing is amazing. It shines better than the varnish and it is natural, i just love it. It takes some time to get used to it but with a little practice and some patience you can get wonderful results. The manual buffing has its own nice results and i will definitely use that again. The manual shine can give very nice effects, too. Of course it depends on what kind of finish you want to have on your jewelry. Some of them look better with a more opaque shine and some of them need a strong shine!!! But hey... enough with theory and let's see the results:D

Here are my first "dremmeled" beads and pendant:))

The pendant is also really shiny, but...not in this pic. Bad pic!!

And here is the finalized masterpiece:)).


  1. Sis ... this one is gorgeous ... Do I smell some summer influences?

  2. I'm a fan!great stuff you have here :)keep doing!

  3. Thank you very much girls!!I am blushing here:P:D. And yes sis..."zi zummer" influence hit me these days..!!