Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pendant mania..?!??Definitely yes!!!;)

Well it seems that i like to make pendants because i keep on making and making them. This time flower pendants are the newest creations. I was so happy about the floral arrangement that i ended up with that i forgot about the pendant background:( On both pendants it was kinda failed. In the end i got the idea to use acrylics on the background and it fixed it a bit and they are "wearable" now:D!!! I tried to sand but because they are kinda 3D pendant it is very difficult to do it. Eventually i did some sanding using sandpaper glued on some ear sticks...and yes that is madness, but i still need to develop some method to finish up these kind of pieces nicely because i don't really like my stuff without the finish and i HATE the varnish that i currently have it gives a very ugly finish to the pieces. I still have the petal canes i used, so i think i will create more pendants but this time with a proper background and maybe some earrings to fit with the pendants;) Here they are:
Turquoise(crazy) ...
...and black(serious)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Something else for today...

And here is another pair of earrings..

Cuff time

I think i entered the bracelet mode again but still have to put together some new pendants.This is the latest and greatest cuff that i've made. It is entirely made of polymer clay, manually sanded and then buffed inch by inch with the dremel tool for exquisite shine.

Caribbean bracelet

And this one to see a bit of the shine i just love it!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend "cooking"

This weekend was necklace weekend. My initial plan failed, i wanted to do a pansy cane but...i failed and i ended up with a flower cane instead which i transformed into a fabric cane afterwards no pics yet..but soon:P.So thats how i ended up with two necklaces and i am not at all sorry:D !!:))Here they are:

Monday, June 8, 2009

Simple things

Long time no posting..well there are busy times :)). This time imagination took me towards the simple things. Sea stars, round pendant and some trapeze flame like efect pendant. That's all folkes, here they are: