Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pendant mania..?!??Definitely yes!!!;)

Well it seems that i like to make pendants because i keep on making and making them. This time flower pendants are the newest creations. I was so happy about the floral arrangement that i ended up with that i forgot about the pendant background:( On both pendants it was kinda failed. In the end i got the idea to use acrylics on the background and it fixed it a bit and they are "wearable" now:D!!! I tried to sand but because they are kinda 3D pendant it is very difficult to do it. Eventually i did some sanding using sandpaper glued on some ear sticks...and yes that is madness, but i still need to develop some method to finish up these kind of pieces nicely because i don't really like my stuff without the finish and i HATE the varnish that i currently have it gives a very ugly finish to the pieces. I still have the petal canes i used, so i think i will create more pendants but this time with a proper background and maybe some earrings to fit with the pendants;) Here they are:
Turquoise(crazy) ...
...and black(serious)

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