Friday, May 8, 2009

Clay extruder...Ouucchhh

Yesterday i found every crafters heaven !!A huge hobby store with everything you can imagine. I finally found a clay extruder and an affordable clay roller (the kind that has a handle). Oh Joy. oh Joy!! Well i wasn't that happy after i started using the is kinda pain in the butt to use it!!(i have to admit that is a one made in china:)))You need "the muscles" to do it properly...But i ain't gonna quit, no way!!! ...I know that if i press enough i will develop the necessary muscles to do it properly!! Finger muscles, palm muscles heh i will be able to fight only with my fingers or make holes in the walls with my fists after using the clay extruder!!Hahaaah!


  1. Hi, you should try the makins clay extruder,so much better, i just got one and even with my arthritic hands am extruding with the best of them.It works differently,you turn a lever at the end of the extruder

  2. This is a little late.....I have both the Sculpey extruder and the Makins one. With the older Sculpey style gun, theres a really easy device you can make to spare your hands. Get 2 pieces of wood & hinge the together (so they open & close like a crocodile jaw or a long narrow book). Drill a 1" hole at the end of one of the pieces. To use place of floor, with hole side facing upwards. Open up & poke extruder upwards through the hole. Use your foot to squish the wood back down. My husband made me one from scraps of wood. I found this idea on clayattic! Its great!

  3. ....oops - that should read: "to use, place on the floor....: