Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unconventional stuff...

Well... the initial idea was not to create unconventional stuff but to create again some faux ivory/wood. But it it seems i was kinda head clouded and i failed it:D. So i had to do something to save the precious clay.:)) And this is how i ended up with...the "unconventional" pieces. I kinda like a bit how they turned out but not much...And the last ones NOT AT ALL . I will post the whole series anyway and keep the promise that i will post good and bad on this blog!:P Here they are the Unconventionals, Free Forms, The Fails!!!!!:))

I like the first there a bit and not so much the last two ones...but..this is how i saved the clay ;)

PS 1 I don't really like these ones!
PS 2 Also the pics are really bad
PS3 They are painted with acrilics

1 comment:

  1. I kind of like the second one ... not to sure about the form .. but i definitely like the red graffiti ... and the contrast of colors.