Friday, July 17, 2009

Vacation accessories

Hhuuuyaaa! I am in vacation!!!(this means no work:)))
There has been no recent postings, but today i decided to show up my latest designs which i created in a very very big rush just one day before leaving for vacation because i needed some stuff to match with my brand new skirt Heheh!!Here they are..the summer 2009 pinkie set..taadaamm!!

Textile inspiration(skirt)


  1. Love the bracelet. Can you assist me and learning how to make it.


  2. These are gorgeous! I especially like the bracelet. I thoroughly enjoyed myself going thru your entire blog and looking at all of your beautiful creations!

  3. Thank you guys so much. I am really happy that you like my creations. Chas, I can assist you in learning how to make it. Who knows maybe i will create some tute at some point;)