Sunday, April 12, 2009

Latest and greatest...faux wood eyes hurt...i've been photoshoppin' for the first time today!!!I am trying to put some quality into the pics. They look a bit better...i think! So... i'll show you what i have been up to in the last 2 days!Again some faux stuff ...ivory or wood call it as you like:) The faux stuff ended up as ..earrings and a pendant !!!
Here are the earrings(watch out the photoshop magic on the sides):D:

And here is the pendant:

As a last thing ..another pair of earings should have been here also ..but i decided they were too .."not wearable" so i put them in place;) Also please be kind and don't judge too roughly my extreme" textures:))))


  1. yeey yeeeyyy first first :)) great work ./kiss

  2. yeeyyy my first comment !!Yeeeeyyy!!!